Some Images From our Three Days up the Chao Phraya River from Bangkok to Ayutthaya (ancient capital)

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Our transport for the trip


Bats in trees (Daytime!) at Wat Pailom


Along the way, we biked through villages and fields


Relaxing on the rice barge


Boats on the River



Crematorium at Wat Pailom


Eels in market


Not hungry for eels?  How about frogs?


Still hungry?  Roasted rats sound just right!




Asian Openbill Stork at Wai Pailom



Fields of rice


Fishing traps



Unique ferry across the river


Happy friendly fisherpeople


Cooking and eating our own street food at Bang Sadej



Rama VIII Bridge in Bangkok


Ancient Wat


1300 orphans and other children line up for dinner -- very well behaved all of them!


Queen Kara






River houses



Reflection toward dusk



Street scene in small town



Rooster in cage, for fighting (sporting purposes only)



Sunset from the boat



We were there on election day






Working on a new Buddah



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