Some Images From Chihuahua, Creel & Vicinity

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Chihuahua Cathedral



Old Fashioned Cathredral Bell Ringing


Waiting at the Chihuahua Train Station for the Chepe Train to Creel


Village Seen From the Train


Our Train


Creel, Main Street (Very Few Tourists)



Decaying Grave South of Creel


Overlooking First Canyon


Native Tamahurara Woman


Tamahurara Woman Closer



Scene From Inside Church - Mixing Ancient Customs


All Smiles Above Creel

At Cristo El Rey


Alex & Leila at Valley of the Monks



Kara Contemplating at the Valley of the Monks



Climbing Valley of the Monks

Fascinating Rock Formations (via erosion) at the Valley of the Monks

Erosion Induced "Mushroom Rocks" South of Creel

Sandy Hiking to Cristo El Rey

Tree Grows on a Rock

Tree - Closer

Rooftop Riding!

Creel from Cristo El Rey


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