Some Images From the Cu Chi Tunnels

an unforgettable place of tunnels built 3 levels into the ground with rudimentary tools covering over 150 miles and up to 30 feet underground.  Home to the Viet Cong, these tunnels housed North Vietnam soldiers in South Vietnam during the war.  The tunnels existed below American camps.  The tunnels included kitchens, sleeping quarters, toilets, and exits to rivers and into the jungle.  The Viet Cong would exit the secret tunnels and attack Americans and then head back down.  The tunnels themselves were too small for most Americans to navigate and were full of booby traps (made from spent American military equipment).

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Kara and a Map of the Cu Chi Tunnels with the Digging Equipment

Traps made by the Viet Cong out of Used American Military Equipment

Alex Popping up from a Tunnel Entrance.  The Entrance was Fully Camouflaged.

Kara in Tunnel Entrance

Leila in Tunnel (Size Increased for Foreigners)

Family on Tank


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