Esteli and the Miraflor Natural Reserve

This is a remote area - housing some co-operatives including models for Sandinistas and Contras to Live/Farm Together

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Leila, Kara and Some Friends


Old US School Buses Become Regular Nicaraguan Buses


Typical Road



Plaintain Flower



Mural By Multinational Effort


Where We Stayed (Note, no water, electricity, etc.)


Cabbage Farm


Our Host, Corrina, With the Book That Featured Her - She Ran a Safe House During the War

Foggy Morning in the Miraflor


More Fog



Leaf Cutter Ants in Action -

Look closely and you'll see the ants carrying leaf parts to their nest


The Ants Make a Big Nest


Leaf Cutters Returning (with Leaf) on One Side; Heading Out on the Other


Dung Beetle Hard at Work


Kids in a Strangler Tree - The Tree Engulfs and Kills the Host


Looking Up the Hollow Strangler Tree


Natives Contemplating at Lake Miraflor


Harry Potteer Y El Caliz De Fuego 


Nicaragua City List