Some Images from Ica, Pisco, Nazca (home of the enigmatic "lines" - about 400km south of Lima)

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Desert Fertile Valley (2 Hours South of Lima)



Pisco Housing



Pisco Square


Pisco Beach Pavilion



Desert Mountain...Looks Like Snow!

Desert Houses...Built by Mountain People Escaping Shining Path Terrorists

"Chocolate - Vanilla" Mountain

Shopping in Nazca


Aboard the Plane to fly over the Nazca Lines -- centuries old lines (geoglyphs) in the desert only visible from the they are huge (often over 200 feet)

Nazca Spider -- over 150 feet -- and drawn using a single, continuous line


Nazca Bird


Nazca Monkey


Nazca "Astronaut" -- Over 100 feet tall!

Nazca Condor


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