Some Images From Lhasa, Tibet

Over 12,000 feet above sea level!

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Potala Polace - Most Religious Place for Tibetan Buddhists


Potala Palace Angle


Buddhist Monks at Palace


Prayer Pole


Lhasa Skyline




Another Girl


Family with Potala in Background

"Debating" Monks at Monastery

Click here to watch a movie of debating monks.  Slapping hands is really asking a question.  Note: large file (6MB) in .MOV format.


Prayer Flags


Workers on Roof


Kara with Friends



Inscribed Prayers Left on the Path to Potala



Buddah Prayer Rock


Kara and Mom Making Natural Stone Color Paint


Kids with Buddahs in Home of Tibetan Family


Climbing Stairs of Red Palace in Potala


Kids in front of Summer Palace



Summer Palace Butterfly


Alex's Favorite Cookie Vendor



Monks and Others Walking Clockwise Around Temple


Making Tibetan Carpet


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