Some Images From Cuzco and the Sacred Valley

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Cuzco City


Fertile, Sacred Land


Ancient Incan Terraces...Farming UP THE HILL!


More Terraces...Near Pisaq


Pig and Adobe Homes

Terraces All Over the Valley


Sitting on the Incan Throne at Ollyantambo


Face and Storage Lockers on the Cliff at Ollyantambo


Inca Stones -- 500 Years Later STill Perfect..No Mortar!  Uses Three-D Puzzle Piece Perfect Construction


Sitting on 80-ton Stones Brought Down One Mountain, Across a River, and Up Another Mountain!


Salt Flats - Formed From a Naturally Salty River


Salt Flats


At the Salt Flats...Contemplating


Van and Road We Took -- Pretty Steep!



Kara with Guinea Pigs Grown for Consumption


Guinea Pigs -- We Ate One that Night (called "cui")


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