Some Images From the Serengeti National Park

Including a Lion Kill during the Migration (Video Too)


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Looking Out Across the Endless Plain of the Serengeti


Family at Serengeti Entrance





Hippo Looking for a Dentist


Male Lion Contemplating


Giraffe Munching



Colorful Bird



Vervet Monkey



Leopard in a Tree


Leopard Relaxing





Cheetah Eating After Kill


Black Rhino



Lion Sticking Tongue Out


Hyena Roaming



Zebra Drinking Before Scared by Crocodile


Zebras Running from Croc


Dik Dik (Smallest Antelope) 


Female Lion Before Strike



Migration (that dark line is really a ton of animals) in Front of Acacia Tree



Closer View of Migration with Acacia Tree



Migration Up Close - Mainly Zebras and Wildebeest


Lion GETS Wildebeest


Lion Killing Wildebeest (Wildebeest Looking at Killer) 


Lion Wins


Zebras Watching....After Escaping Themselves


Ostriches Roaming

Watch a Video of the Lion Killing the Wildebeest



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