Some Images From Shanghai

A changing city of 13 million

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Shanghai Skyline

Check out the skyline in the back -- it's goes on like that for miles and mile...


Roadway Just for Bikes


Love those Crad Glands


Kids in front of Rock Formation at Yuyuan Gardens (Ming Dynasty)


Railway Station Foot Traffic



Kids and Grandpa with the Huangpu River "Sky"line


Grandpa at Headmaster Desk of School from his Youth


Grandpa in front of School from his Youth



Street as Shanghai Used to be



Grandpa Spitting from Same Balcony as he Spat as a Child



One of our Favorite Dinners



Grandpa in Front of his old Apartment Building


Grandpa with Denis Apartments Sign


Ancient Chinese Scroll


Grandpa in front of Temple where he Became a Bar Mitzvah


Grandpa in front of Original Building on The Bund


China City List