Some Images from The Amazon (including Iquitos, Ceiba Tops, Yagua Indians)

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Typical Road in Iquitos in the middle of the Amazon...the biggest city that is unreachable by road (only by boat an plane) with 500,000 people

Amazon Boat Bus - Typical Transportation Up and down the River


Amazon River - Over 2.5 miles wide here; over 40 miles wide in some places

Brown Amazong mixing with Black Water Tributary - "Coffee and Cream"


Amazon Logging Boat

Amazon Breadth


Leila Swimming with the Piranhas in the Amazon River

All Swimming With Piranhas


Kara Caught a Piranha (Revenge!)

Lily Pads in a Small Lake


Huge Ceiba Tree.  How Huge?  Look to the Right!

Family at Base of Huge Ceiba Tree!


Kara Holding Wild Tarantula During Night Hike

Leila with Creature at Night


Alex Swinging on a Vine

Alex with Boa


Boa Finds Kara Just the Right Size

"Walking" Tree


Friendly Sloth


Ken Shooting Blowgun (Actually Hit the Target!)



Alex Taking a Shot



Walking Sticks


Solo Boater on the Amazon


Iquitos House Built by Eifel (Yes, that Eifel) over 100 Years Ago

Iquitos Church and Cell Phone Tower


Kara's Mosquito Bites (Through Clothing!)



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