Some Images From 2-Night Trekking Through the Northern Hilltribe Area (50 Miles from Burma)

Includes Elephant Riding and Bamboo Rafting,

Doesn't Include Running Water or Electricity

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Getting ready for our trek



View from a hill on the trek



Trekking often without a path



Typical view from the trek



Kids in front of Lisu village, first night stay


Lisu dancing at night


Moments before Lisu tribal member slaughters pig


Moments after


Shaving pig before cooking


Lisu schoolhouse


Leaving on 2nd day of trek


Lisu village upon leaving



Kara 2nd day of trek



Alex enjoying cool water after 5 hour trek



Kara and Leila on Elephant part of trek



Ken  and Sandy on Elephant



Elephants crossing river



Kinds in Karen village (2nd night) enjoying presents



Karen baby



Villagers leaving clothing donations from the sick to pray for the sick



Alex preparing for the bamboo raft trip down the Mae Taeng river



Fellow rafters arrive!



Chilies drying on the roof





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